How to Make Diamond Grill Marks

One of the best ways to grill your food beautifully is to learn how to make diamond grill marks. The secret to achieving this grill mark is to follow specific patterns and use the right heat range. These marks are achievable on any grill variant, and they will ensure that your food looks its best. To master this technique, you should first learn how to set the temperature and then flip the steak every half-time to achieve maximum surface contact with the grates.

How To Make The Perfect Grill Marks

A steak with well-defined diamond grill marks is an excellent way to distinguish your dish from the rest. Make sure you use clean and well-oiled grill grates to get the best results. You can also use a brush to remove any stuck-on bits. After you’ve brushed the grates clean, use an oil-soaked rag to wipe them down.

The next step in creating diamond grill marks is to position the meat at positions 10 and 4 on the grill grate and press it firmly for at least a minute. This will make a deep-sealed mark in the meat. When flipping, use a different section of the grate and repeat the process.

The key to making great grill marks is to place the protein correctly. While many articles mention rotating 45 degrees, you should always start at a 45 degree angle with the grate, otherwise you won’t get straight lines.

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