Bluetti EP500 Review

ep500 bluetti

BLUETTI EP500 Review

Bluetti’s new line-up of high capacity solar power stations looks like it’ll be a big hit. They’re all powered by 5,100Wh of LiFePO4 battery storage, a 2,000W or 3,000W pure sine wave inverter and come with a flexible UPS mode that automatically kicks in when the power grid goes down. Go here ep500 bluetti |

They also have a “Split Phase Box” which allows users to connect two EP500s together to double the AC output and storage capacity. That’s a pretty cool way to get extra power for important circuits in your home or even run a clothes dryer on the go.

How to Use It

The ep500 is a really well-made power station that’s easy to use. It features a user-friendly touch control panel and companion app that lets you monitor the system from anywhere.

Reasons Why the EP500 Bluetti is a Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts

You can charge it from a variety of inputs including your own home solar panels or the included inverter/charger. It takes a little time to fully recharge from drained, but that’s better than charging it from a car alternator or DC cigarette lighter port (which would take 42 hours).

It can also function as a UPS, so you don’t have to worry about your appliances going offline in a power outage. In fact, it’s great for any medical devices you may have that need power to keep working.

There’s a few things I’d like to see fixed, but overall the ep500 is an excellent choice for emergency energy storage power. It’s a solid build and should last a long time.

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