Buildtec Vibration Isolation Pads

Buildtec vibration isolation pads pads reduce noise and vibration from washers, dryers, refrigerators and other appliances. They’re usually made of rubber or elastomers that absorb energy and dampen vibrations to prevent damage to the appliance and structure beneath it. Pads are available in various sizes, thicknesses and weight ratings to meet a wide range of needs. Their effectiveness is influenced by the type of appliance, surface installation and pad quality.

In the construction industry, vibration is an unavoidable variable that can cause significant structural damage to buildings and machinery. The best way to control vibration is by incorporating a well-engineered vibration isolation system into a building design from the start.

BuildTec Vibration Isolation Pads: Reducing Noise and Enhancing Stability in Construction

Whether you’re an architect or structural engineer, we have a vibration isolation solution that can help you protect your project.

Buildtec vibration isolation pads offer a range of solutions to reduce structure-borne noise and vibration. These flexible rubber mats position underneath heavy machinery to stabilize them and minimize movement during operation. They’re available in bolt-on and free-standing styles. Bolt-on pads are permanently attached to machines and are suited for applications with high dynamic force, while free-standing pads are positioned without attachment under machines.

The Buildtec neoprene vibration isolation pad is designed to be used under a wide variety of equipment, including compressors, industrial grinders, HVAC units and metal panel enclosures. Its high-grade neoprene material efficiently controls vibration and noise to protect building structures and equipment from impact shock and vibration. It’s also resistant to chemicals and lubricants for longevity.

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