Scooby Snacks Mushrooms

scooby snacks mushrooms

Scooby snacks scooby snacks mushrooms | CanadaShrooms are a fun way to microdose your favorite mushrooms. They can be made at home with a few ingredients and are great for those that want a more discreet approach to their mushroom consumption. These spooky snacks are made using a combination of golden teacher, ashwagandha and bee pollen. They deliver an energetic euphoric experience that is perfect for outdoor festivals, concerts, hiking or just chilling at home.

SCOOBY SNACKS is a new innovative product from LIMITLESS MUSHROOMS. Each ingredient in the spooky snacks is included in a precise dosage and is targeted to deliver a specific effect, all while working in perfect synergy. Each spooky snack contains a very unique blend of three Psilocybe cubensis mushroom varieties, Golden Teacher, African Transkei and Goldie Locks. Each of these three mushroom types produce different effects, but they also have many similarities which allows them to work well together.

From Forest Floors to Consciousness Expansion: The Cultural and Spiritual Significance of Canada’s Psychedelic Mushrooms

Other ingredients include chamomile, schisandra, ginger and lemon balm. These are known to aid digestion, reduce nausea and anxiety. They can also be used as natural sleep enhancers. The L-theanine in chamomile and the Adaptogen in schisandra can help reduce stress levels and increase mental clarity. Guarana is another adaptogen, which may promote a more balanced emotional state. It is a good alternative to caffeine, which can cause jitters or anxiety.

The whole formula is encapsulated in gel caps that make it very discreet and easy to use. Each capsule contains 3 g of golden teacher mushrooms, which is a medium potency mushroom. It’s recommended to take nine capsules for a standard mushroom trip.

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