How Much Kratom Can You Take in a Day?

How much kratom can you take in a day kratom acts as a stimulant and can help you focus. In larger doses, it acts as an opioid and can relieve pain. It’s no wonder that people with chronic pain or PTSD turn to kratom because of its ability to alleviate their symptoms. It’s also a popular treatment for opioid withdrawal. However, there are several problems with using kratom: it’s potentially addictive, can cause withdrawal if stopped abruptly, and isn’t regulated by the FDA for quality control.

Many users end up developing a tolerance to their preferred strain and have to take higher and higher doses to feel the same effects. This is referred to as “Stagnant Strain Syndrome.” A good way to avoid this is to rotate your kratom strains so that your body doesn’t become accustomed to the alkaloid blend.

Those new to kratom should always start with the lowest possible dosage. A low dose is around two to four grams of premium kratom powder a day.

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The dosage that’s right for you will depend on three factors: your size and weight, what you’re trying to achieve from the kratom (energizing or relaxing), and how often you use it. For beginners, it’s recommended that you start with a low dose and increase by a gram or two every hour until you find your Sweet Spot.

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