What Are Temporary Stage Platforms?

temporary stage platforms

A temporary stage platform is a staging system that can be used for various events and performances. These types of stages are commonly used in places such as school auditoriums and conference rooms. Portable stages are easy to set up and can be easily moved between locations. These stages are also more affordable than permanent staging systems. They can be outfitted with the same accessories as permanent stages, including stairs, ramps, skirting, guardrails and more to give them a finished look that makes them appear built in. Find out https://modularflatstaging.co.uk/

Often, these types of temporary stages are made from lightweight materials, which means they can be lifted and transported by a few people. They can also be easily connected together to form a larger stage. They are available in different heights to accommodate different events and audiences. These platforms are also very safe to use, especially when fitted with the appropriate safety equipment.

Behind the Scenes: The Engineering Marvels of Temporary Staging

One of the main advantages of using a temporary stage is that it can be used in spaces that have architectural features that prevent the installation of a traditional theatre-style stage. For example, if a room has soffits around the ceiling that limit the maximum height for the performance area, adding a temporary stage can make it possible to add a head table or speaker platform without affecting the flow of the room.

Quik Stage modular stages are designed to be used both indoors and out, with the plywood tops having a hardwearing anti-slip Hexa texture finish that is fine with occasional rainfall and is easy to clean. These stages are also able to be used on a variety of floor surfaces, with the aluminium riser leg units having a high allowable live load rating.

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