School Leaver Employment Supports

School is out. Meaningful work is in.

For many people with disability, finding a job and developing the skills they need to be successful in a job can make all the difference. It can give them independence, financial security and the opportunity to build connections with their community.

School leaver employment supports Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers school leaver employment supports, or SLES, to help school leavers with disability get ready for work. SLES is available for NDIS participants in their final year of school or who have recently left school (generally up to age 22).

SLES providers offer person-centred support tailored to the participant’s goals and individual needs. They will help the participant develop a plan that outlines the employment related activities they will undertake and how these will be delivered. This may include work experience, training and development and other foundation skills that support participation in a job, such as travel training or money handling.

Unlocking School Leaver Employment Supports

The provider will also submit quarterly reports to the NDIA to demonstrate how the employment related activities they are supporting are progressing and any outcomes achieved. You can view a sample of these reports here.

If you’re in your final year of school or have recently left and are eligible for SLES, contact your local NDIS Support Coordinator to discuss options. Your NDIS support plan will determine how much funding you’ll receive for SLES and which provider you’ll engage with to help prepare you for work and assist with planning your employment pathway.

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